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Shunting Puzzle

Y Hen Felin Shunting Puzzle - Can You Solve It?

Created by Phil Thorogood, a Member of the West Wales O Gauge Group, this is an inglenook shunting puzzle in sm32 (it represents 2' narrow gauge modelled at 16mm to the foot). The task is to assemble five wagons from the eight on the layout into a train in the siding at the back of the layout, the only place the whole train will fit, by driving the engine and moving the wagons around the sidings. There are 6720 different possible combinations!

The engine and wagons are all built from kits, as are the buildings. The track is Peco sm32.
All are very welcome to have a go at driving the engine. Can you get the wagons in the right order? Come and have a go and have some fun.

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